Class is in session — Chatbots and the future of education
Newsニュース、 22/11/2017
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The classroom of today is a different world than that of just ten years ago. Digital technologies like the internet and mobile devices have transformed the way educational content is both formatted and delivered. As this trend continues, the evolution of education will only become more rapid.

Interestingly, chatbots can play a major part in this shift. While often thought of as simply a medium for entertainment or utility, there are a number of prospective educational applications. These go beyond just the classroom and can be tied directly to a school’s recruitment and onboarding strategies.


Classroom Applications

Answering FAQs

A great chunk of every teacher’s and professor’s time is spent answering questions from students. More often than not, these questions are asked over and over by multiple students. Will this chapter be on the midterm? Where is class? When is the assignment due? Traditionally, students would need to dig through a long, content-heavy syllabus to access this information. With a chatbot, the Teacher/Professor can input the answers to these common questions once, and let the software handle the repetitive, time-consuming questions.


Class is in session — Chatbots and the future of education