Launches SnatchBot Store to Simplify the Creation of Chatbots and Offer Pre-built Bots Fully Integrated with the Bot-Building Platform SnatchBot
Newsニュース、 04/12/2017
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HERZLIYA PITUACH, Israel, September 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

The leading chatbot-building platform SnatchBot unveiled today the world's premiere chatbot store, aptly named SnatchBot Store. SnatchBot has created bots for some of the world's leading brands, including Interactive FX, Tata Communications, and Veolia, among others.

SnatchBot Store is a marketplace that is fully integrated with SnatchBot's comprehensive bot-building platform. It provides for free ready-for-use templates for a wide variety of chatbot use cases, including, but not limited to, customer service, banking, travel and tourism, and e-commerce.

SnatchBot Store is comprised of two parts: Bot templates and Bot directory. In the Bot template section, enterprises can access customizable, task-specific, and pre-built bots in a variety of areas and sectors. Users can simply choose a template that fits their needs and begin using their bot immediately. The bot directory includes established bots which can be added to your preferred channels with a single click.

This exclusive marketplace offers enterprises a way to quickly and easily modify pre-built bots to their brand and publish them to a variety of high-traffic channels including Slack, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and the web.

"SnatchBot's goal has always been to make the creation and deployment of chatbots accessible to anyone," said the co-founder and CEO of SnatchBot, Henri Ben Ezra. "SnatchBot Store, together with the SnatchBot platform, will greatly reduce the time and investment previously associated with bot-building."