PA Anyone? Yes, Please!
Newsニュース、 07/10/2017
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Sometimes in life we simply need order, humour and a bit of help to keep up with everything. Reminder, reminder, so much to do and no cloning technology available yet...time to get an assistant.


PA Chatbots Accessible For Personal Lives

Have you ever considered why it is that business people have personal assistants when their days are probably more structured than that of a stay at home mother? Or that the business person’s personal assistant is, in fact, double jobbing at both her day job and running her family and home? 
Keeping on top of to-do-lists such as dentist and doctor appointments, speech therapy sessions, Scout’s hikes, swimming lessons (yes, once your allocated weeks are drawing near the end you can’t afford to have not have budgeted for the next session!), the fifteen birthday parties that your little darling has been invited to, it is mind blowing. If we were to look at the amount of times we go into an absolute spiral panic when a project is due the next day and we forgot to pick up the coloured board (ours has to have a red one by the way and this is not actually ‘our’ project) or, which has to me favourite, we have known for three weeks that, due to some sporting event, we need a blue t-shirt but somehow three weeks have flown by and we now need one for the morning! Now that is pressure. A pressure which might just, if you are lucky, include having to remember to pencil in some time to make an appointment and make it to the appointment to get your eyebrows done. This is serious business, people rely on us, time can be wasted with missed appointments and budgets can be destroyed without ultimate planning. If you think the boss would be peeved if his personal assistant let him down you haven’t experienced the heartache or tantrum of a disappointed little person!


PA Required

Little Miss Assistant - Me!

Little Miss Assistant - Me!    At this time, most people would admit that they would never be too far from their phone. We have become reliant on phones as a time-saving tool that provides convenient access to information and reminders about events. Whether it is Google Mapping your trip, catching a bus or locating the nearest location for a bite to eat, our trusty phone is at hand. Well, now we can go one step better and get our very own PA, a PA chatbot, to make life easier. A chatbot that can keep track of our calendars, our to-do-lists, shopping lists and budgets like any good personal assistant would.


Your Friendly Chatbot

Smiles, cheerful greetings and pleasant encounters all make for a good day. If a good day and a friendly chatbot are important to you Telegram has one. Introducing Me, your friendly reminder assistant. You can think of ‘Me’ as your around-the-clock ‘secretary’ that offers you wake up calls. Taking your new friendly assistant a few steps further you can plan your itinerary a little better with weather up-dates. If the weather is a little grey or you are feeling a little blue ‘Me’ can make you laugh by telling jokes too. If that isn’t particularly amusing you can share the some inspiration, laughter or just reach out to someone that you have not scheduled into your calendar by sending them GIFs.