It’s time for Parentbot! A chatbot for parents
Newsニュース、 28/11/2017
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It can be hard to keep up with your kids. Even when they are in the same room as you, they are messaging constantly, perhaps on Snap or Whatsapp or Messenger. Their messaging world, however, is experiencing a revolution in the form of chatbots. And this creates a chance for parents to jump one step ahead of the curve. It’s time for Parentbot, a chatbot that meets teenagers where they spend their communication time.

A chatbot is a software tool that is increasing being taken up by companies dealing with customers or clients, say health care organisations or banks. Instead of being put on hold or having to navigate webpages for themselves, the customer goes straight through to a conversation which is a lot like an online chat help service, except that it is with a programme, not a human.

This might sound unexciting, except that these chatbots are becoming more and more sophisticated and can even identify the mood of the person talking to them.


It’s time for Parentbot! A chatbot for parents