5 Ways Sporting Teams Can Drive Success With Chatbots
Newsニュース、 23/11/2017
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Since the inception of social media, sports teams have been among the users that have the best-embraced technology. Fans have been similar in their uptake. Chatbots now present a channel where teams can provide valuable functionalities and bonuses to their fans in one central location - without the need to download an entire app.


1. Information Sharing

Oct 18, 2017

Information Sharing

From schedules to rosters to uniforms, sporting teams produce a great deal of information that fans crave. A chatbot can serve as a repository for this info, while also including the capacity to be constantly updated. By simply asking a question, or typing in (for example) "schedule", they can get what they need instantly.


2. Interactive Activities

Oct 18, 2017

Interactive Activities

Fans love to get to know players, coaches, and other staff. Chatbots can go beyond just pushing information about them out there. They can turn a star player's info into a personalized, one-on-one conversation with the user that would not be possible out there. Or, they can participate in any sort of in-game or external promotion the organization is holding. To sum it up, chatbots allow teams the potential to significantly strengthen their connections with their customers.


5 Ways Sporting Teams Can Drive Success With Chatbots